Phil Wickham's New Song Prevented a Person from Committing Suicide

Phil Wickham

Worship leader Phil Wickham has revealed that his new song "It's Always Been You" has prevented an individual from committing suicide. This person wrote to Wickham telling the worship leader that he was at the end of his rope. He had been without a job and he has no family or friends. He was ready to end his life that night.

However, by the grace of God, he put his headphones on to listen to music one last time. Just then Wickham's new song came on. The lyrics speaks of how God does see us even in our worst. These words struck a chord in him. When the pre-chorus hit, the man knew God was speaking to him when Wickham sings, "You are the voice that calms the storm inside me/Castle walls that stand around meAll this time, my guardian was You."

The man decided not to end his life as he is renewed by the promise that our God is with us.

Wickham reflects, "Had to wipe water out of my eyes after reading this message that came in. My gut ached for this man and his honesty, but also so thankful and blessed that God used the message of this song to speak love and truth into a hurting life. (After reading I asked if I could share what he sent and he gave me his blessing:).

After sending these songs out into the world all I can do is hope and pray that they'll have a lasting impact on peoples lives. It will NEVER get old hearing stories like this. Thank you God!"

Listen to the song below:


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