Philippa Hanna's Advice to Those Suffering from Mental Health Issues: DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP

Philippa Hanna

This week is mental health awareness week in the UK and May is MHA month in the US. This is the time for us to reflect, pray and reach out to those in our community who are suffering from mental illness. UK's worship leader Philippa Hanna has this piece of valuable advice for those who are suffering from mental health illnesses: DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP.

As she reminds her in her song "The Hero," "You don't have to be the hero/You don't have to have the world all figured out/Everybody needs saving
Everybody needs saving sometimes/So lay it down and hand it over/In the middle of the fight, you're not alone/Everybody needs saving/Everybody need saving sometimes." 

Here's what she has to say: "Lots of people talk about asking for help when it comes to mental health issues. Here's why so many don't...

1) They already did, and didn't get it

Sadly, resources are stretched in these times. If the NHS can't get get you soon enough, please consider looking at the Counsellors Directory (easily found via Google) Help is available from around £30 a session. This can be a lot for people to manage, but those around you are often really keen to help you raise the funds. Its a worthwhile investment.

2) They already had help but it didn't work

There are lots of different approaches to mental health recovery. If your last approach or treatment didn't work, go back to the GP. It can be a process.

3) They don't want to be a burden or a drag

Sometimes we feel like we've used our credits up with people. We don't want to become a bore or wear out our relationships. Don't let that get into your mind! People care more than you think. Mental health issues are often recurrent. It's ok if you weren't 'fixed for good' last time you sought help.

4)They don't want to worry people

We all have a lot on our minds right now, and often we don't want to add to someone else's load. But don't forget, we also find comfort in knowing we're not alone. Speak to someone and you'll usually find they've struggled/are struggling too.

Bottom line, mental health struggles are extremely common and we don't need to feel shame. Reaching out is always better than staying silent. It's ok of you're not always the strong one. Sending love to you wherever you are."


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