The Lore Family’s “God Said You’re Gonna Make It” Reminds Us God will Follow Through

The Lore Family

The Lore Family's "Jesus Does" may just be starting to make its way up the Southern Gospel charts, but the Horizon Records recording artist is dishing up more new music - and this time, it's aimed directly at making new fans for the Ohio-based musical ministry. Written in the 1990s, "God Said You're Gonna Make It" has been popular with congregations and choirs for years, yet recordings of the song are few and far between, and it has never been released as a single until now.  

Though Fayth Lore Whisnant takes a supporting role on this song - father Darren and mother Sandy have the lead vocals on the song's two inspirational verses - she puts her finger on the essence of "God Said You're Gonna Make It," noting that "doubt is something that every Believer has dealt with in their life. In fact, doubt is what Satan used in The Garden of Eden to convince Eve to take the bite of the forbidden fruit. He asked Eve:  'Hath God said?'

"Since Eden, Satan has continued to ask us that same question ...'Has God really said';  'Can you truly take God at His word?' The disciples faced faith-shaking doubt on the raging sea. The circumstances around them quickly made them forget that Jesus Christ had already told them that they were going to be going to the other side. (Mark 4:35)"

With its classic syncopation, prominent organ and guitar, "God Said You're Gonna Make It" is a familiar-sounding, comfortingly confident affirmation of the truth revealed to believers in the story of Jesus in the storm:

Don't worry over thunder, because you're not going under
God said you're gonna make it, you're gonna make it for the Master's on board

 "The song, 'God Said You're Gonna Make It' has encouraged our hearts greatly," Fayth testifies. "It's a reminder that God WILL do what He has promised to do in His Word. Oftentimes, we are guilty of letting our emotions and fear control our actions. This song encourages every Christian to be of good cheer. If God said you're gonna make it, then you're gonna make it, because He is on board!"

Listen to "God Said You're Gonna Make It" HERE


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