What Does DC Talk's Kevin Max Mean When He Says He’s An "Exvangelical"?

Kevin Max

When DC Talk's Kevin Max announces that he is an "exvangelical," he has fans responding in bewilderment. What does an exvangelical mean? Does it mean that he has denounced his faith? Does this mean he is no longer a Christian? Or is he distancing himself from the way American Christians often use the word "evangelicals" to denote a form of nationalism?

Christian Post reports that the singer's tweet on Saturday that reads "Hello, my name is Kevin Max, and I am an #exvangelical." Some are worried that Max has followed in the footsteps of Hillsong Worship's Marty Sampson and author Joshua Harris who have walked away from the Christian faith. Responding to a social media user who claimed Max no longer believed in Jesus, he said, "Nope, didn't say that, read text carefully."

Others think it's more plausible that Max is turning away from American "evangelicalism." This is because the word is often tied with issues of politics and race. Max in another tweet still claims that he is a follower of "the Universal Christ." On his Twitter feed, Max further explains, "For all those people using my post as plug & play for your own hot take or personal discourse, I offer the lyrics to an upcoming song off of my new band @AstronautsSad album 'Adult Fears' titled: 'It's okay'.... I'm sorry for being obtuse or difficult but it's a process... love."

"It's OK to be estranged / from everything that you were taught /and it's OK / to unpack all the hopeless baggage that you bought / I know the sun it never shines / in the same place twice / and I know that life is better / with a trusted vice / but you will change / when you cave / to the universal Christ/And it's OK for you to lose / the shame from all the churches [sic] abuse / and it's OK / for them to see / you don't believe in man's inerrancy / I know the sun it never shines / in the place you hide / I know you think it's better / shrouded in secrets and lies / but you'll change / when you embrace / the glowing universal Christ." 

Max is best known for his role in DC Talk. DC Talk went on to achieve great success in both Christian and mainstream music. The band went on to win 4 Grammy Awards, 16 GMA Dove Awards, and other recognition. The band went on hiatus in 2000. As a solo artist, Max has recorded 18 full-length studio albums, including a Christmas album. From 2012 until 2014, he was the lead singer of the band Audio Adrenaline. 


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