Jamie Foxx and Chris Brown Perform, Gold Digger and Other Hit Songs Live in Malibu’s Nobu Sushi Restaurant

chris brown and jamie foxx perform gold digger

Jamie Foxx and Chris Brown Perform, Gold Digger  and Other Hit Songs  Live in Malibu's Nobu Sushi Restaurant

Have you ever gotten ready to eat some sushi in a really high end restaurant, with people around you conversing and socializing with moderate tone that would signify a chilled atmosphere and to have it all turn into a Chris Brown, Jamie Foxx and Tyga concert. That is what happened earlier this moth at Nobu, which is one of Malibu's swankiest. Apparently it was an event and the guests at the 10AK's epic Fourth of July party got more than they bargained for. This is one of haughtiest events of the summer in California and trusts the bad boys to make their presence felt.

Though, what did they expect as the event drew crows of Hollywood's elite including James Marsden, Paris Hilton as well as Ellie Fanning and Samantha Ronson. The crowd, which was littered with stars gathered in the beachside patio of the premises and they got to sample some of the most popular dishes that Nobu has to offer like Yellowtail with Jalapeno and Rock Shrimp Tempura. The local fireworks lit the night and the crowd was treated to an entertaining display.

At 10.45pm Chris and Oscar Winner Jamie Foxx jumped on stage and started doing hits including Gold Digger and Loyal. They were later joined by Young Money's 'Tyga', who did a rendition of Rack City, along with 'Too Short'. Apparently the crow loved it and the story immediately trended everywhere within minutes. However, the interesting thing is that Chris Brown was in the company of his girlfriend, Karrueche Chan. One cannot imagine that she was too thrilled about her boyfriend singing about people cheating on him; song after song.


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