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RevelationMedia announces that the new movie Esther is now available for FREE streaming for a limited time only. Esther is the first of six films from The Bible Collection series that we will be releasing throughout the month of June. Don't miss this powerful story of the young woman, Esther, who risked everything to save God's people. 

The story of Esther revolves around the story of a Hebrew woman Esther in Persia. She was born as Hadassah but known as Esther, who becomes queen of Persia. She finds favour in the King's eyes, and is crowned his new queen, but does not reveal her Jewish heritage. Shortly afterwards, Esther's cousin Mordecai discovers a plot by two courtiers, Bigthan and Teresh, to assassinate the king. The conspirators are apprehended and hanged, and Mordecai's service to the King is recorded.

Ahasuerus appoints Haman as his viceroy. Mordecai, who sits at the palace gates, falls into Haman's disfavour, as he refuses to bow down to him  Haman discovers that Mordecai refuses to bow on account of his Jewishness, and in revenge plots to kill not just Mordecai, but all the Jews in the empire. He obtains Ahasuerus' permission to execute this plan, against payment of ten thousand talents of silver, and casts lots to choose the date on which to do this - the thirteenth of the month of Adar. A royal decree is issued throughout the kingdom to slay all Jews on that date. 

When Mordecai discovers the plan, he goes into mourning and implores Esther to intercede with the King. Will Esther intercede for the Jewish people? Will the king listen to Esther? Will Esther save the Jewish people? Stream the new movie to find out.

Don't miss this FREE movie event. You will certainly be blessed by this incredible story of a brave and faithful woman of God. Share the opportunity to watch online with your friends and family, and even your whole church by simply clicking the link here.



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