FREE MOVIE: The Bible Collection: Esther

The Bible Collection: Esther

Christian Cinema partners with RevelationMedia to bring us the new movie The Bible Collection: Esther.  You can now watch the movie for FREE by clicking HERE

Deemed one of the most beautiful women in the land, Esther was called to stand before King Ahasuerus. With joy, he chose Esther from among the group of young women to be his new queen.

From her new position, Esther heard of a devious plot of the principal minister Haman. He wanted to see all of the Jewish people living in the land killed. But Esther, a Jewish woman herself, took a stand and pleaded with the king as the lives of her people hung in the balance.

Learn more about Esther's story and see the Biblical account come to life in this FREE movie event.

You will be blessed by this incredible story of a brave and faithful woman of God. Share the opportunity to watch online with your friends and family, and even your whole church.



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