Ernie Haase and Signature Sound Reveal Details of their New Album

Ernie Haase and Signature Sound

Ernie Haase and Signature Sound are back with a brand new album on StowTown Records. Keeping On will be released on July 23rd. The album was birthed during the pandemic, a time where darkness, fear, and anxiety that seemed to grip us all. Yet, these songs remind us to keep going on because our God is with us even in the most difficult times. These songs challenge us to take one more step. Keep on keeping on. Filled with songs of encouragement, hope, unity, and praise, Keeping On is the perfect collection of songs for this time.  

"Our art reflects our heart, and it is our hope that these songs will accomplish what we have always been about: giving hope through songs and shared community, whether that is in-person or online," Ernie Haase reveals. During 2020, many artists used their time at home to connect with their family and friends. Ernie Haase not only did that, he and Signature Sound also continued ministering through music. When so many people were offering pay-per-view online concerts, EHSS came into their fans' living rooms on Friday nights with a full half-hour of music and encouragement - for free. Letters and emails from viewers indicated that this was often the only ray of hope during the season of isolation, loss, and grief.

The album is preceded by its lead single "Wake Up."  "Ernie has always been unafraid to do things differently from what some consider typical," shares producer and co-writer Wayne Haun. "The style and instrumentation of this song is just another example of his willingness to try new things. This song is fun and the sound is fresh. But the message is consistent with what EHSS has been singing for almost two decades - and that will never change. I know that people are going to love adding this to their library." 

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound is poised for a banner year with the release of Keeping On. This album serves as a springboard for their concert tour, as well as season two of their web series, which will be rebranded as "Good To Be Home." Join EHSS in the journey into the light through these fun, fresh, faith-focused songs as they inspire us to Keep On Keeping On.


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