Exclusive Song Premiere: Chuck Wagon Gang's "Holy Be Thy Name"

Chuck Wagon Gang

Chuck Wagon Gang are back with their brand new album Radio Days, which will be released on August 13. The album finds the team tipping theit hats to their roots. Bookended by a handful of new recordings, the Gang recreates some of the classic songs from the golden era of their radio days .The result is Radio Days, a collection that expands the vintage experience into a full-length recording.

One of the album's highlights is the gospel track "Holy Be Thy Name," a track that is dear to the team. "Holy Be Thy Great Name" is one of those songs that was a unanimous choice of the entire group as we chose songs for this new album," Chuck Wagon Gang's leader Shaye Smith reveals.

"It comes from deep in the archives of the Chuck Wagon Gang and is a song we wanted to revive for the fans because many of them have probably never heard it before.  The tight harmonies and changing tempos make it fun to sing, but the lyrics are the key.  'Holy be Thy matchless name...Hallelujah, Amen!'  It was like finding a brand new praise and worship song from 1930!!  We hope folks enjoy this really unique song!"

"Fans have inquired for years if we had the old radio show on CD," Shaye Smith continues. "I am so excited to have this album to present to them! We've given quite an effort to 'duplicate' the original Bewley Mills radio programs from the 1930s-1950s. I hope those who listen can envision families from those by-gone days sitting in their living rooms, gathered around the old battery powered radio, listening to the Chuck Wagon Gang at noon after a hard day's work in the fields! This is truly a reflection of who we, as the Chuck Wagon Gang, truly are. We are proud and humbled by our history and hope fans will feel they know us a little better after listening to this new recording." 

To listen to this song, click HERE.


1. Two Gardens
2. The Record Book
3. WBAP Announcer (Dialogue)
4. Bewley Mills Jingle #1 (Dialogue) 
5. Holy Be Thy Great Name 
6. Stormy Waters 
7. Somebody Called My Name 
8. Bewley Mills Flour Commercial #1 (Dialogue) 
9. WBAP Announcer, Chuck Wagon Gang's Next Song (Dialogue) 
10. Take Me Back To Col-ler-rad-da Fer To Stay 
11. I Want To Be A Real Cowboy Girl 
12. Bewley Mills Flour Commercial #2 (Dialogue) 
13. WBAP Announcer, Chuck Wagon Gang's Next Song #2 (Dialogue) 
14. All God's Children Gonna Rise And Shine 
15. Love Is The Key
16. I've Changed My Mind 
17. WBAP Announcer Dinner Bell Chime (Dialogue)
18. Dad Carter's Thought for the Day (Dialogue) 
19. Bewley Mills Jingle #2 (Dialogue) 
20. When The Sun Sets Over Jordan 
21. I've Just Seen the Rock of Ages

The album is now available for pre-order, add or save ahead of its August 13 release day.



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