Metro Life Church's Steph Alessi Muiña Tells the Joy of Surrender with New Single

Steph Alessi Muiña

Singer songwriter and worship leader Steph Alessi Muiña will be releasing her brand new Integrity Music single "Wouldn't Change A Thing" on August 27.  Muiña, is a singer songwriter and worship leader from Miami, Florida. Born in a family dedicated to serving Christ in their community, Steph is now director of worship at Metro Life Church.

This song, written by Stephanie Alessi, James Stocker, and Benji Cowart, is the first release from Muiña's new album which will be released in early 2022. The new song comes on the heels of her 2017 debut EP 'Still Waters' and multiple projects with Metro Life Worship. 

The past year has been a time of new clarity and hope for the worship artist despite the challenges of the pandemic. She has been on a journey that marked her life and song writing with an unwavering trust in God's timing after meeting and marrying her husband, Christopher. "Wouldn't Change A Thing" tell of the joy of living surrendered to the Lord and delighting in His timing, surprises and goodness. The song is a fresh and upbeat ballad oozing with purity and bliss.

No, I wouldn't change a thing/Wouldn't have it any other way/Every little sacrifice I don't regret a single step of faith/If I only knew back then/What I've come to know today/No, I wouldn't change a thing 

This is only the beginning for Steph Alessi Muiña; beyond her profound passion for her local church and community, the singer's contagious enthusiasm and energy for Jesus Christ are about to break out and touch may hearts! 

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