Hillsong's Reuben Morgan Opens Up About What Darlene Zschech Taught Him About Worship

Reuben Morgan

GRAMMY® Award-winning and multi-platinum-selling Hillsong Worship recently released their latest single, "Hope of The Ages."  The song features Hillsong's Reuben Morgan and Cody Carnes on lead vocals. Morgan started writing and leading worship since the mid-90s at Hillsong Church. His first composition for Hillsong Worship was the song "I Give You My Heart", which was featured on the album God is in the House.

Morgan himself, however, appeared but did not actually perform on the album; the lead vocals for this performance were sung by Steve McPherson. Morgan later recorded his own version of "I Give You My Heart" for his first solo album, World Through Your Eyes. Morgan made his first official performing appearance on Hillsong's next live album, All Things are Possible, playing acoustic guitar and contributing three original compositions to this album. Over the years, Morgan has had co-written some of Hillsong's signature tunes such as "Mighty to Save," Cornerstone," "Who You Say I Am," "God is Able," "Calvary," and many more. 

Morgan speaks of how he was invited by Darlene Zschech (Hillsong's worship pastor then) to lead worship. "I started worship leading because I was asked by enthusiastic youth leaders to lead some of the songs I had written, which we were singing at the time. For sure, they believed in my abilities more than I did. In those days, I was carried by a fired up group of young adults who would have yelled praises to God at the top of their lungs, regardless of what was coming from stage. It felt like revival and I was being swept along. I had no belief in what I could do, but every expectation that God would make Himself known and do something special in people's lives. I still feel that way."

Morgan reveals what Zschech taught him about leading worship. "I once asked Darlene Zschech if she could give me feedback about my worship leading. I was always a little over-awed by Darlene. What an incredible worship leader and woman of God. She nodded. I'm not sure she ever did give me that feedback directly... But what she did do, was always roster me on to stand next to her when she was leading.

From her, I learned to value, beyond words, the privilege of leading people into the presence of God and to walk in that role with humility (still learning). She taught me to lead with patience, always deferring to the Holy Spirit, but being sensitive to the atmosphere in the room and the people in the congregation. Mostly, she taught me that this is pastoral work. Leading worship is about caring for people, believing and interceding. In most cases, we never hear what people carry with them when they come into a service. Our role is to serve them and to believe that God would meet them right where they are.

I'm believing that worship leaders will be raised up in our churches, who live to make God's name great in the church and on the earth; worship leaders who are highly skilled in their craft and deeply devoted to God and the service of others. Worship is no small thing and therefore neither is worship leading. May we always walk in this role with humility."


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