Hannah Schaefer Calls "Crown" Her Battle's Cry

Hannah Schaefer

Rising role model and Christian music artist Hannah Schaefer has released her new album Crown. Schaefer calls her new album her battle's cry. These 8 newly-recorded songs declare and remind us about the victory Jesus Christ has won for us at the cross and his resurrection. You can stream or download the album here:

"`Crown' is my battle cry to fear," Schaefer announces. "This album is filled with heartfelt songs written before and amidst the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. I can't wait for these anthems to rise out of the shadows,  declaring & reminding us of Christ's victory in our lives. Crown will be comprised of 8 songs. HanFam, these songs are for YOU. This project is for YOU, and I refuse to hold back creating this music any longer. The world needs to hear what God has placed on my heart and the songs that share my hope."

The album is preceded by the title cut and single "Crowns." Schaefer reveals how the song came about. "From the moment I walked into the writers room, this song came together very smoothly. I think some of the best writes are that way. I told @nickschwarz5 my 'heavy is the head that wears the crown' concept and we ran with it.

At the beginning, it was a song directed to others, but it soon took a different turn and became a more vulnerable song directed at myself. At my pride. At all that I felt was holding me back from being enveloped by Gods unconditional love." 


1 Daybreak
2 Step Into The Fight
3 My Champion
4 Crown
5 Stay Here Forever (I Touch Heaven)
6 Let You Love Me
7 Turn This Ship Around
8 I Am Yours 

From winning the Teen Singing Category at the ARTS international talent showcase in Orlando, FL at the age of 15, to her 2020 release of "Who I Am", Hannah's 10 years of music ministry has made her a multi-award winning singer/songwriter. Early in her career, Hannah was selected as one of the 24 Grand Prize recipients in the 2015 international John Lennon Songwriting Contest for her song "All the Way". She then received the Grand Prize for the Gospel Category and moved on in the competition to be titled as one of the 12 Lennon Award winners later that year.


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