Smalltown Poets Explain Why Their New Album is Entitled "NWxSE"

Smalltown Poets

CCM pop rock band Smalltown Poets are back with their brand new album NWxSE. Smalltown Poets, which comprises of Michael Johnston (vocals), Danny Stephens (keyboards, vocals), Kevin Breuner (guitar), Miguel DeJesus (bass), and Byron Goggin (drums), are excited about these 10 new songs.   

However, if you are wondering what's the meaning behind their album title NWxSE? Smalltown poets explains, "This chapter in our musical journey opened with songwriting sessions in the Pacific Northwest, and concluded in a recording studio in the deep Southeast. What emerged were a collection of songs that are our most personal musical expression to date. We can't wait to share them with you! 

The album is titled NWxSE, and features 10 all new songs. This might be our most personal collection of songs to date with so much inspiration drawn from where we've been and where we hope to go."


01. See The Future
02. Believe Me
03. Stuff We Love
04. Always Loved You
05. Couldn't See It
06. Love Is The Ocean
07. Monaco
08. Real Time
09. 100 Ways
10. 27 

You can download/stream the new album HERE.

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