Blake Shelton Presents Half the Gospel with "Bible Verses"

Blake Shelton

Country music veteran Blake Shelton has released a brand new song "Bible Verses." The song, written by Brett Sheroky, Andrew Peebles, and Joe Fox, uses clever wordplay and double meanings to express Shelton's struggle with faith, especially in the moments when he does not feel worthy of God. 

I'm just tryin' to give myself a little grace
'Til those words and me get on the same page 

And I can open up that good book
And Heaven don't look like it's out of reach
When it feels like those apostles are giving me the gospel
And not the third degree
I just want it to read
Like Bible verse and not the Bible versus me 

"No matter where you are in your faith, there are times you feel like you just don't measure up. 'Bible Verses' is an honest take on that conflict but, without preaching too much, it's hopeful that everything will all work out in the end," Shelton shares in a press release. Proving how personal a spiritual journey can be, this song can be important and healing to anyone struggling with their faith. 

Though "Bible Verses" captures the conflict of sin and unworthiness, it begs for the better half of the Gospel, that is Jesus has taken our place. We do not need to be worthy of God anymore. He has taken our imperfects and struggles and nailed them on the Cross. We simply need to believe and cling on to him.

"Bible Verses" is taken from Shelton's 12th studio album, Body Language which was released in May of this year. 


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