Revisiting Cheri Keaggy's "Starting a New Year Today" As 2021 Comes to an End

Cheri Keaggy

As 2021 is coming to an end, it is worthwhile re-visiting CCM veteran Cheri Keaggy's "Starting a New Year Today." Originally released on her 2012 album So I Can Tell, Keaggy wrote the song a year after her divorce."Starting a New Year Today" finds the protagonist looking back at a "hard year" as she re-reads her journal. However, despite the setbacks, the bad news, and disappointments, she realizes that "Jesus, You're the man who has stayed with me." In a difficult year where we are still struggling with the pandemic, this song takes on a new significance.

This has been a hard year
So much has happened to bring me here
But there's something gained to look back
So I'm reading my journal from front to back
Here's where I tried a lot, page 5 I cried a lot
This part I don't understand
Still I see Your good hand
Jesus, You're the man who has stayed with me
Jesus, You're the hand that has steadied me
Jesus, You've been faithful on every page
So I'm starting a new year today
Staring at the clean page 

Keaggy is currently preparing to record her 10th album. Entitled What I Know to be True, this album will be her first album since 2015's No Longer My Own. Keaggy, a Dove award winner, is best known for her CCM hits such as "Sweet Peace of God,""In Remembrance of Me," "You, Oh Lord, Are My Refuge," and more. Over the years, Keaggy has scored nine number one songs, three Dove Award nominations, and a Dove Award win. 

For Keaggy, God's glory is at the heart of this upcoming album. She writes:" To glorify God and build His beautiful Kingdom - and really whatever He wants to do in and through us. After all, we have this Hope as an anchor for our souls, firm and secure (Hebrews 6:19), and we are compelled to share His Gospel Hope and lovingkindness with everyone who has ears to hear. Like my husband always says, "Music gets in the back door of your heart." And we're inviting the Holy Spirit to enter." 

You can now help to fund her new album by clicking HERE.



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