Amy Grant new song “Don’t try so hard” available now; new album comes out May 14

Singer, songwriter and multiple Grammy and Dove award-winner Amy Grant who will release a new project titled How mercy looks from here on May 14, released the first single from the upcoming project. The newly released single is titled “Don’t try so hard” and features James Taylor. Previously, Amy Grant mentioned that Taylor is one of her musical heroes. On a new song, James Taylor sings a harmony part with Grant.

Today, Grant commented on her Facebook page, “Time flies! May 14 seems so close now.”

Grant’s 13-track upcoming project How mercy looks from here is now available for pre-orders at

How mercy looks from here track list:

1 If I Could See (What the Angels See)

2 Better Not To Know (feat. Vince Gill)

3 Don't Try So Hard (feat. James Taylor)

4 Deep As It Is Wide (feat. Eric Paslay & Sheryl Crow)

5 Here

6 Shovel In Hand (feat. Will Hoge)

7 Golden

8 Our Time Is Now (feat. Carole King)

9 Not Giving Up

10 How Mercy Looks From Here

11 Greet the Day

12 Free

13 Faith

“Don’t try so hard” lyrics:

Another Monday comes and I just want to breathe
'Cause it's a long, long week for someone wired to please
I keep taking my aim, pushing it higher
Wanna shine bright, even brighter now
Wish I would tell myself

Don't try so hard
God gives you grace and you can't earn it
Don't think that you're not worth it
Because you are
He gave you His love and He's not leaving
He gave you His Son so you'd believe it
You're lovely even with your scars
Don't try so hard

Do you remember how the summers felt when we were kids
Oh, we didn't think much about it
We just lived
Taking our time, beautiful leisure
When did start, trying to measure up 
And all of this time, love has been trying to tell us

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