Michael W. Smith Heart Broken Over What's Happening in Ukraine Now

Michael W. Smith

Multi-platinum singer and songwriter Michael W. Smith takes the time to reflect upon what's happening in Ukraine now. Russia's shelling of Ukraine's capital Kyiv has resumed even after the first round of peace talks between the two nations concluded in Belarus. 

Heartbroken by the evilness of war, Smith reflects, "The last week has been heart-wrenching and heart-breaking. When I can't find words, I sit down at a keyboard and begin to play. I've found myself there a lot lately and I'll share some of these pieces soon."

"A few days ago, I came across some words conveyed by my long time musical director and friend Jm Daneker. Jim and I have been to the Ukraine. We love these precious people and our hearts are heavy with what is taking place at this very moment. My heart resonates with everything Jim shared."

"Here are his words: I've been around the world many times, including places like Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia... where the foul stench of communism was once thick in the air."

"And the people who once lived under it could not have been happier to finally be FREE. It's like the weather itself was different: once gray, dreary skies gave way to crystal clear blue skies and warm sun."

"I'm sickened to watch helplessly as precious human lives are once again dragged into conflict they don't want, by power-hungry tyrants who want to return to evil ideologies and oppression. And it's happening all over the world - not just Ukraine."

"People were meant for freedom. Once they taste it, they don't want to go back. We all just want to live our lives in peace. Praying for peace and sanity to prevail, and for the precious lives caught in the crossfire. God, have mercy." 

More than just an outstanding songwriter and performer, Smith has given back to the global community throughout his career. Smith has raised funds to battle AIDS in Africa, started Rocketown, a safe haven for young people in Tennessee to meet and find hope, and has helped more than 70,000 children through Compassion International. He has also written several bestselling books, including Old Enough To Know and Friends Are Friends Forever

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