Wife of Christian Author Randy Alcorn Passes Away

Randy Alcorn

Best-selling Christian author, former pastor, and speaker Randy Alcorn announced that his wife Nanci had died. Nanci was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2018 and found out in 2019 it had spread to her lungs. 

"Nanci is with Jesus," Alcorn wrote of his wife Nanci, who died of colon cancer. "So happy for her. Sad for us. But the happiness for her triumphs over the sadness. Grieving is ahead, and it will be hard, but these last years and especially this last month have given us a headstart on the grieving process." 

Randy is proud of Nanci for her faith in Jesus. He continued, "I am so proud of my wife for her dependence on Jesus and her absolute trust in the sovereign plan and love of God. Nanci is and always will be an inspiration to me.

"All God's children really will live happily ever after. This is not a fairytale, it is the blood-bought promise of Jesus. What a great and kind God He is. As of a few hours ago, Nanci now lives where she sees this firsthand, in the place where Joy truly is the air she breathes."

Randy also expressed gratitude for those who have been praying for Nanci, reassuring them they should not feel their prayers were unanswered. He explained that many of them were, in fact, answered, and "many others were answered in a better way than we could ever ask."   

Nanci herself testified to God's goodness. Months before she died, she wrote, "My cancer is God's servant in my life. He is using it in ways He has revealed to me in these verses and in many more I have yet to understand. I can rest knowing that my cancer is under the control of God who is good and does good."  

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