Jessica Toni's "Identity" Helps Young People to Embrace Themselves as God Created Them To Be

Jessica Toni

New Gospel music artist and internet viral sensation Jessica Toni has just released her debut single "Identity." The song seeks inspire young people to celebrate who God created them to be. 

"We all know as young women, we are easily defined by our clothes and our curves and hair.  Man looks at the outer appearance, while God looks at the heart.  But we take our cues from the word of God.  If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, which means we trade in our old for his new, then we come to the realization that In HIM we live move and have our being,  Its because of Jesus and what happened on a hill and a tree that we have a real identity, and I must admit, It looks really good."

GOSPELflava Sr. Editor Gregory Gay adds this, "there is a lot of music in the gospel space these days, but Jessica Toni is one of the artists that makes you stop what you are doing and listen.  Kudos to the Morgan Turner team for creating a near perfect introduction so that you can hear her amazing talent and this amazing sound. "

Radio has been serviced and is making adds weekly as Jessica prepares for promotional dates during the spring and well into the summer. To download/stream the single, CLICK HERE :


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