The Talleys Offer a Heartfelt Reading of Gloria Gaither and Buddy Greene's "I Don't Belong"

The Talleys

Dove® Award and numerous Singing News Fan Award winner The Talleys return with the release of their new song "I Don't Belong." The song is one of their as-yet-unheard recording from their vaults. Featuring Debra Talley, "I Don't Belong" is a heartfelt reading of Gloria Gaither and Buddy Greene's meditation on the distance between a troubled temporal world and the immortal heavenly home that awaits believers in Christ.  

The song's gently austere arrangement surrounds Talley's voice with delicate touches of piano, guitar, bass, and occasional harmonies from Roger and Lauren Talley.  Foregoing bold dynamics in favor of a contemplative mood that befits a somber yet redemptive lyric, "I Don't Belong" offers a message of faith and hope that resonates powerfully with today's audiences:

I'll not be deceived, by earth's make-believe
I'll close my ears to her siren song
By praising His name, I'm not ashamed
'Cause I don't belong

"This song is deeply personal to me," Debra Talley says.  "Living in this broken world is difficult for everyone. Seeing or experiencing the cruelty, insanity, and injustices can be maddening, but the antidote for this world's ills is realizing this is not our home. We can rest in the fact that this world is temporary and we are just sojourners traveling to a land of peace, harmony, and love and we don't belong here."

Listen to "I Don't Belong" HERE.


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