Aryn Michelle's New Album Brings to Life the Stories of the Outcasts in the Bible

Aryn Michelle

Dallas-based songwriter, recording artist and mother of four Aryn Michelle releases her new album Pariah: Songs of Biblical Outcasts this week. Comprising of 10 songs inspired by biblical characters who were deemed outcast, this album strives to engage the mind as well as the heart in a fresh way.  

Michelle writes,"The Pariah project is a collection of songs inspired by biblical people who found themselves to be a pariah, an outcast, in a particular moment of their lives. But these are not simply biographical stories of biblical characters. These biblical inspirations are a jumping off point for a deeper conversation.

"We ask ourselves the questions: How did these real people struggle with and overcome their real problems? Where did they turn for wisdom and comfort? Can we find ourselves in similar positions of emotional, mental and physical turmoil? What lessons can we learn from their lives? This project strives to seek answers to these questions and illustrate how the lives, and struggles, of biblical people can be real and relevant to our modern faith journeys." 

Take a listen to the latest single from the album "Cast a Stone." This song is inspired by the life of the "adulterous" woman whom Jesus stepped in to save when he famously said "Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her"(John 8:7).

Michelle began recording distinctly faith-based music in 2014 when she felt confirmed in her calling to write insightful and thoughtful songs for the people of the church. In 2014 she was named Female Artist and Writer of the Year at Gospel Music Association's Immerse Competition.

In 2015, she released Depth, an album made up of theologically heavy questions to coax listeners to reconsider their own faith in light of biblical truth. In 2017 she released The Realest Thing, a concept album inspired by Christian apologetics where each song explores a different philosophical argument for the existence of God. 

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