3 New Songs for Father's Day

Ben Fuller

Father's Day is a special day as we give thanks to God for being our Father. As we celebrate God's love, faithfulness, provision, care, strength, and his ability to save us, we are particularly grateful to Christian artists who help us to article these attributes in songs. Father's day is also a time we give thanks for our own earthly fathers. It's also a time of forgiveness and reconciliation with fathers who have had lived up to our expectations of what a good father ought to be like.

These new songs help us to focus our thoughts and worship this Father's Day.

1. Matthew West's new song "Before You Ask Her" is the perfect sentiment as we're approaching Father's Day. West writes, "If you know me, you know that there's no greater joy in my life than raising my daughters and witnessing their love for Jesus. My new song, "Before You Ask Her", is a recognition of how much my girls mean to me and how much love and appreciation they deserve." 

2. Ryan Ellis' song "Heart of the Father" holds extra significance this Father's Day weekend. Ellis reveals, "This song was written in a season where I was really discovering the grace of God and His kindness, patience, and mercy." 

3. Ben Fuller shares his story about making his father proud in his new song "Proud." "I'm not sure I'll ever write another song that hits me the way this one does. I'm just plain grateful to be alive in this moment and to share a song with you, that has changed me." 

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