Christian Leaders Respond to Supreme Court's Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Row v Wade

The U.S. Supreme Court has just issued a ruling that effectively accomplishes what pro-life Christians have prayed and picketed for since 1973. The Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, ending the nation's constitutional right to abortion, which has stood for nearly 50 years.  

Here are some of the reactions to the decision from Christian leaders:


"This long, dark night officially comes to an end. The unconscionable injustice of extreme abortion policies - aligning the U.S. with countries like North Korea and China is over. Praise God. We must now put the same energy into demonstrating mercy and compassion as we have our activism.

"Now is the time for people of God to step up, proving they are comprehensively pro-life and pro-woman from the womb to the tomb, with not only rhetoric but actions that dignify, care for and protect the lives of mothers, children and families. We must be the hands and feet.

"Now is the time to unleash the greatest adoption movement in American history. Now is the time to come alongside women making difficult decisions and provide the necessary spiritual, emotional, relational and economic support to undergird the continuum of life designed by God for all his children.

"The Church must come alongside mothers and provide the necessary economic support that government cannot provide. If we are celebrating this victory, we must likewise double down in providing services of compassion and outreach and support for the mother and the child not just in the womb, but after a baby is born. This is one of the many reasons we are seeing Latinos and Hispanics leaving the Democratic party en masse. We are pro-life."


"Today, it is abundantly clear that elections have consequences. For years, we have been praying that the Lord's kingdom come on earth, that the most vulnerable would be protected in our nation. The Supreme Court took a major step forward in that direction, proving that when people unite and stand for what is right, we have real influence on the world around us. Now, we must take this influence into the vital elections happening in each state. We celebrate this massive victory and continue fighting for life for all humankind."


#SCOTUS has overturned Roe V Wade. Although we cannot bring back the lives we have lost, a great injustice has been corrected today. Countless lives have been saved by this decision. Thank God!  Now more than ever before, the church must prioritize caring for mothers and children


Life has won, justice has been done, and our work to care for America's moms has just begun. This is the legacy of a generation of Evangelicals, Catholics and others who had the courage to engage in the public square, to vote their values, and to push against the cultural forces that would even sacrifice children to advance their agenda. We rejoice.


Today is a day we have prayed and worked toward for decades. All praise to God who is the one who makes human life sacred. The end of Roe is a tipping point to yet another day when all abortion will not just be rare but unthinkable


Today our current Supreme Court justices took the high road of truth and life, and we must stand up and walk with them along the way. #SCOTUS thank you for standing up for the lives and rights of the unborn.


Jesus Christ was conceived as a human being, united in one person with the divine and human nature at the moment of conception. And people need to think about this. Joseph didn't get Mary pregnant, and then at some point along the way God turns this baby into the Son of God. This baby came into being through the work of the Holy Spirit. And that is why he is called the Son of God, according to Luke.

So we know that from the moment of conception, he is God. That is the mind-boggling thing. And therefore, the union between God and man happened at conception, and Roe v. Wade, by implication, would say it is just a piece of whatever, and you can take it, and it doesn't matter.

So I would say that every lover of the incarnation of Jesus should hate abortion and what it stands for, and I hope that the Lord keeps us prayerful and keeps us active until the day comes when abortion will be as unthinkable as slavery is today, because it is a far more destructive action.  





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