Dusty Marshall Deals with the Issue of Abortion in New Video "Beauty in the Struggle"

Dusty Marshall

Since the Supreme Court rendered its judgment on Roe v. Wade in 1973, over 60 million babies have been murdered in the US.  While we all go on with our everyday lives, 3,500 babies are murder behind closed and hidden doors every day.  How have we now accepted this pro-choice stance for women's rights while we've snuffed out the voice of the innocent children living inside?  In the American Holocaust of our unborn children, people are now using the same arguments, once used to make it lawful to have, own, and murder their own slave.  The "don't want a slave, don't get one" propaganda has now become, "don't want an abortion, don't get one".  Also, the "my property, my choice" argument used in slavery to excuse gross behavior acted on towards slaves has become, "my body, my choice" to excuse murdering our unborn children for personal convenience.

Irregular4Christ Ministries presents "Beauty in the Struggle", featuring Dusty Marshall, Christian Hip Hop Minister and advocate for the pre-born. This music video is the true story of what occurred during the pregnancy of Dusty Marshall and wife Krystal Marshall's first child.   They found out their daughter had a major disability.  Two options were placed in front of them.  Either allow their daughter to continue to live, or murder her.  Krystal Marshall explains, "For us, the choice was simple, because we know that God is the creator of all life and it's not our right to murder anyone."  This video is not created to condemn anyone, but rather to shed light on the truth that abortion is murder, at all stages of development.  This isn't based on personal opinion, but on scientific evidence and the truth found in God's Word, the Holy Bible.  Krystal goes on to say, "Before we ever conceived, God gave me my daughter's name in a dream, her name is Amnesty and it means forgiveness.  If you've had an abortion, there is hope and forgiveness in Jesus from all sin, including a past abortion, if you repent and trust in Jesus as your Lord and Savior."

To the Christian, we've remained silent in this matter for far too long.  Now is the time to find our voice within the culture and put an end to legal murder, once and for all.   To get involved please go to

Video: Beauty in the Struggle by Dusty Marshall

This video is shot and edited by Arize Lisea for Rise N Shine Media.

Beauty in the Struggle is available at all download & streaming outlets.

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