After giving birth last April, Kerry Washington is back as Olivia Pope on Scandal's Fourth Season come September 25


Coming back for its fourth season this fall is one of the critically-acclaimed political dramas, 'Scandal'. When its third season ended, we were all in shocked and in tears as the couple Fitz and Millie say goodbye to their son. We are looking forward to seeing how they cope with the situation, which is definitely going to be among the show's storyline.

The show runner Shonda Rhimes have recently spoiled that the hit TV show will once again focus on the character Olivia Pope as they weren't able to do so much because of the actress real life pregnancy. Aside from her, sharing most of the spotlight in the next season is the character Abby. As fans keep on moving forward with every episode, they will get to know more about this girl. Not only will the fans get to see a different side of her, they will also be given an opportunity to look at her back story.

Olivia was off with James in a plane heading to a place we do not know yet as she blames herself for the death of their son, Fitz. The love triangle still continues to brew next season but we still do not know whether Jake will finally get the girl.

Things will be different when Season 4 of the show comes to light. To quote Rhimes, the world that they will be returning is to be changed forever. One thing for sure, we will be looking out for what changes it will bring.

The show will return on September 25 on ABC.



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