Leslie Jordan “All That I Need to Know” EP Review

Leslie Jordan

Prime Cuts: Great I Am, Take Heart, Steadfast

Overall Grade: 4/5

In her own soft and gentle ways, Leslie Jordan has a way of removing the barricades so that we can see the grandeur of Christ's majesty through her songs. Through this new EP only contains 6 entries, each of them unveils different aspects of who God is in vestiges that are endearing to the heart. Jordan is a veteran in worship music where she is better known as one half of All Sons and Daughters. Over the years, the worship duo that has had gifted the church with staples such as "Great Are You Lord," "All the Poor and Powerless," "God with Us," "Rest in You," among many others. All That I Need to Know is Jordan's first solo release since the duo decided to go their separate ways in 2018.

"Great I Am" gets the EP going on a good start. Putting her delicate yet emotive vocals on display, "Great I Am" percolates over folk-driven melody with Jordan giving praise to God for being our "lighthouse in the storm." Meanwhile, the gorgeous piano-led ballad "Steadfast" continues to find Jordan anchoring her faith in our faithful God. Less effective though are the ordinary sounding folk ballad "Good God" and the Celtic-influenced "Found It All."

Teaming up with Mission House's Taylor Leonhardt as her co-writer, "Take Heart" brings to life the promise of Jesus in John 16:33. Within the context of our daily trials and tribulations, the song is a powerful reminder that our God has conquered this world. Scripture takes the spotlight again with the EP's only up-tempo number "Love Will Never Fail (1 Corinthians 13)." Starting off with just her vocals before layer after layer of instruments are added on, this is so befitting of the song's message that love takes time and patience to build.

Though there are only 6 songs on this record, they are all beautifully executed. Jordan's reflective and often emotionally rich vocals bring out a warmth that is rare in this electronic age. Further, this EP is not for the hurried: take the time to listen, feel, experience, reflect and you will find that these songs are such a reward for the soul.



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