Proverb Newsome Opens Up About Writing His New Song "Believe (Didn't You Know)"

Proverb Newsome

Veteran Christian Hip-Hop artist Proverb Newsome has a new single to share. Produced by Marv 4 Mo Beats, "Believe (Didn't You Know)" also features Dwight Hernandez. In our culture that is so polarized by race, politics, LGBTQ+ issues, Roe v Wade, the song points us back to Jesus.

Newsome recalls how the song came about. "I started writing the song Believe in 2007. It was mean to be a feature on a mix-tape of a friend of mine here in in South Florida. The verse never made it to him. I always like what i had and how it was shaping up but I would only get a bit at a time. I kept at it through 2008, and 2009.

"Fast forward to 2021 I started following the producer on IG, Marv 4 Mo Beats. I became a fan of his production and reached out  for some work. He sent me a link and the production was fire so I copped some music from him.

"One of the beats was the one used for `Believe.' No I am a NYC, golden era emcee and this beat was slow, soulful and melodic. I loved it, but i just could not figure out how i would get down on it. Then I remembered this verse i started back in 2007. The way it start was...I been looking for the perfect beat. I started messing around with some delivery style and landed on the one I recorded.

"It is what was best for the song even though I was was out of my element as an artist. Once I was done with my contribution I needed a hook which did not take as long as the rest of the song thank to my collaborators Natalie O'Hara and Dwight Hernandez." 

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