FREE MUSIC: Leslie Jordan's "Love Will Never Fail"

Leslie Jordan

Grammy-nominated artist and worship leader Leslie Jordan's brand new song "Love Will Never Fail" is now available for FREE HERE. You can download the mp3, sheet and chord charts for free for a limited time. The song is taken from her latest EP All That I Need To Know, a 6-track project collating songs that she helped write and were previously recorded by other artists.

The concept of this new EP shines with Leslie Jordan's generous heart and open-mindedness. After almost ten years of being a part of All Sons & Daughters, she has been thriving in the writer's seat since 2017 championing others to carry the songs they've written together. But, as she explains, "occasionally there are songs that stick to me as well [...] this is a collection of those songs."

All That I Need To Know centers around the message that God is a safe place. Leslie embraces the doubts that come with the unrest we have all been facing since the birth of humanity, but especially in the last couple of years. She shares her journey of discovery that the Lord remains safe and unchanging through it all: "Looking back through my life, I know I can trust who God is," she adds.

All That I Need To Know is made up of songs that deal with the nature and character of God; his goodness, consistency, presence, faithfulness, and power, as they are seen throughout scriptures, history and our lives. Each theme is developed on a sound bed of soft and detailed folk, with the artist's smooth vocals rounding it off.

Sonically, Leslie's desire is for this project to not take up too much room, neither going too high or too low, but for these songs to be "good companions for where you are and where you're going," she concludes. With her new project, Leslie also reminds us that if God is a safe place, so should his people be. So should our music be. 'All That I Need To Know' seeks to create space for people to exist and belong without demanding anything, but simply allowing listeners to be and be reminded of who God is in the process. 

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