Anchor Hymns Feature Paul Baloche and Lucy Grimble on "Altogether Good"

Anchor Hymns

Anchor Hymns release their third single, a version of "Altogether Good" sung by Paul Baloche and UK worship leader Lucy Grimble. Originally written by Zach Bolen and Brian Eichelberger from the band Citizens, the song has an overall soothing feel which Paul and Lucy carry effortlessly. Anchor Hymns' new single is filled with reminders of the Lord's nature in the face of personal and global questioning and hardship.

"There's a gentleness and beauty to this song which really makes the power of its lyrics so easy to take in. It's not forceful in presenting truth but it also doesn't compromise on the message," Lucy says. 'Altogether Good' points to God's presence in our weakness, our hiding, our joys and griefs all at once.

Paul Baloche sings this song off the back of losing two close relatives to cancer, "in the battle it can feel like you're all alone," he says, "though we didn't see the outcome that we prayed for, we were reassured many times by his presence in the midst of suffering." 'Altogether Good' encourages us to continually trust and come back to God's loving presence in all honesty, as Paul concludes: "Acknowledging our doubts or disappointments to God is part of any healthy relationship."

Anchor Hymns is the latest Integrity Music multi-artist project which is starting by reaching into the past with initial releases that will cover some of Integrity's most iconic songs and reframe them in a modern way. 

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