Max Lucado Points Us to the Help That Never Fails

Max Lucado

New York Times best-selling author and pastor Max Lucado releases his brand new book, Help is Here: Finding Fresh Strength and Purpose in the Power of the Holy Spirit. The subject of the Holy Spirit is one that is often riddled with mystery and controversy. Conversely, the Bible contains more than 100 references to the Holy Spirit. Jesus spoke more about the Holy Spirit than he did about marriage, church, finances and the future. However, many believers do not grasp the relevance and, more importantly, ample availability of the Holy Spirit to help them live victorious lives, regardless of their circumstances.

Scriptures refer to the Holy Spirit in over a dozen ways. These metaphors convey the different aspects of the help given to believers when the Holy Spirit descended from heaven at Pentecost. He is called the teacher, wind of God, counselor, intercessor, helper and guide, to name a few. And yet, because there is often much misunderstanding, taboo, or simply neglect of teaching the subject, many believers live defeated, not realizing the boundless help available to them.

But the truth is, when Jesus said he would not leave his followers alone, he meant what he said. It is a truth tested and proven by believers through the centuries: the very power that made the universe is available to all believers who dare to ask for help, guidance and peace.

In Help Is Here, Lucado gives us the tools and encouragement we need to:

- Learn who the Spirit is and how the Spirit can help
- Become joyful, enthusiastic, and empowered as you draw closer to God
- Confidently take on any difficulty with the power of the Spirit
- Discover your unique gifts and purpose to further God's kingdom 

"It was not a Damascus Road experience for me," Lucado recounted. He says that during a profound personal crisis, Lucado would get up during sleepless nights to pray. Nothing happened overnight, but slowly, burdens were lifted, miracles started happening, peace silenced fear, and clarity took over the stress. He realized the change was not happenstance. The promised helper had intervened, bringing the serenity and strength he could not find anywhere else. The experience changed his life, and he wishes to share the concept with the world.

"The Holy Spirit comes with power. Power to make good choices, keep promises, and silence the inner voices of fear and failure," he said. "Power to get out of bed, get on with life, get busy about the right things in the right way. Power to face the unexpected, unwanted passages of time. Power. This is what Jesus promised then, and this is what Jesus promises still."

In a world filled with uncertainty and at a time when many feel burdened with stress and fear, "Help Is Here" offers fresh, practical guidance into a subject that was never meant to be mysterious but, rather, heaven's tool for an abundant, purpose-filled life.

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