Eminem Scores His First #1 Christian Hit


"Use This Gospel" by DJ Khaled featuring Kanye West & Eminem debuted at No.1 on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart last week. This is first time rapper Eminem has scored his first #1 Christian hit. The song was originally taken from West's Jesus Is King album. The remix appears on DJ Khaled's new studio album, God Did, and was produced by Dr. Dre.   

In "Use This Gospel (Remix)," Eminem shares about the attacks of Satan and how God has been helping him. "I'm holding on, but I don't know if I can take it much longer/Today's the day that I put all of my trust and faith in You, Father/Please let this hate make me stronger 'fore they turn on me like a zombie/It's like I'm being strangled unconscious/When temptation is almost like Satan is making you tryna take you away from your daughters/Danglin' a bunch of painkillers on ya," the Detroit-raised artist raps. 

"So my Savior I call on to rescue me from these depths of despairs/So these demons better step because He is my shepherd/I'm armed with Jesus, my weapon is prayer/Soon as I squeeze it, I'm blessed like sneezes/Call me Yeezus, I'm F'd in the head, maybe I'm bonkers/Regardless, never claimed to be flawless/Long as the mistakes I've acknowledged." 

According to Rapzilla, the artist, who in the past called himself a "Rap God," would pray before his shows in the early 2000s, and "Then he'd go on to rap some of the most profane hip-hop of all time."  

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