Lauren Talley Steps Out with a New Solo Album After the Retirement of the Talleys

Lauren Talley

Lauren Talley is planning to release her brand new solo album This is For You on Nov 11. This new record will be Talley's first solo album in three years and it is also her first record since the retirement of The Talley Trio. 

"I've been making records for a long, long time," says the artist. "But I think This Is For You may be the pinnacle of my recording career thus far. It's the first album I have recorded as a full-time solo artist since the retirement of The Talleys, and working alongside producer Gordon Mote injected the whole process with fresh creativity. I love the songs, I love the sounds, and well, I've lived the lyrics." 

"Several of the songs are from my pen and my life," Talley continues. "'This Is For You,' 'Say Yes I Am,' 'In The Room,' and 'That's What I Love About Him' contain bits and pieces of my story, and I sing them because I want you to know it, to know me, but most importantly, to know Him."

That intent animates each of the Gordon Mote and Lauren Talley-produced collection's 10 songs, which reach beyond Talley's heartfelt originals to include a carefully chosen set that includes nods to African-American Gospel in a joyous, spirited reading of "How I Got Over" and to worship music in a ringing take of Charity Gayle's "Thank You Jesus For The Blood." 

With every song, Talley and her gifted team have created fresh, contemporary, yet varied arrangements that center her compelling voice, delivering a message of redemption that shines through each moment, whether in hushed or powerful passages, as the title track's very first words make clear:

"This is for you, the ones who are broken
Deep down inside and you're trying to hide
This is for you
I see every tear, I feel every heartbreak
I know every fear, And I love you just the same
Just look at my wounds
Just look at my blood spilled
I gave it for you"

"This album was crafted for you," Lauren Talley concludes, "But our stories are all made possible by the One who gave Himself....For You."

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