The Talleys Talk About Their "Finest Hour"

The Talleys

From one of Christian music's most beloved music families, the Talleys bring their Finest Hour. With a commitment to excellence and creativity as a trademark throughout their awarded career, this new release from Horizon Records continues the groups musical legacy. 

Finest Hour feels alive with inspired songs like "Look Up", "Joy" and "Death Was Arrested" from proficient, award winning writers including the group's own, Lauren Talley. Each one, curated, crafted skillfully delivered by the these Christian Music veterans.

With 34 years of recordings and performances the Talley's Finest Hour will no doubt be mentioned in the same breath with their previous career awarded highlights. Finest Hour streets March 30th.

Q:  Thank you so much for doing interview with us.  We are excited about your new album - why did you entitle it "Finest Hour"?

Lauren:  Every artist hopes their new record will be their best yet  Of course we hope this is our finest piece of work as artists, but the title comes from a lyric in "Look Up".  "I'd like to tell the church we're heading for our finest hour."  We believe our best days are ahead of us, for us and the church.

Q: On this album, it's great to see Lauren co-writing 5 of the songs and co-producing the album with Roger, was this deliberate to feature more of your own songs?

Lauren:  I had co-produced a couple of our previous records with my dad, but this is the first group album on which I've been a writer.  I did go into cowrites with specific needs for this album in mind, but my songs aren't given any higher priority than anyone else's. :)  we're concerned with what fits us best and what we want to say, regardless of where it comes from.

Q: Another highlight is the single "Begin Again God," how did this song come about?

Lauren:I'm glad you like that one!  It's actually kind of funny:  we had two days of tracks scheduled, and after the first day, we decided we needed another fast song.  I went back to the hotel that night and wrote enough of the chorus and the basic structure of the song to be able to cut a track the next day!  There's a consignment/resale shop in our hometown called the Begin Again Shoppe, and I'd been thinking about that idea for a few days beforehand.  The song got finished before the last day of recording vocals! Procrastinating much?!

Q: I also love the very practical "Grab Your Umbrella," tell us more about this song.

Roger:  We wanted an up tempo, fun song and when I heard "Grab Your Umbrella", I knew it was a keeper.  Its cleverly written and its a song about faith.  I like singing energetic messages and I could immediately picture the video with us singing in the rain under umbrellas!  It was co-written by Dixie Phillips, who wrote our Dove winning song "Hidden Heroes" a couple of years ago.  I love seeing the smiles on peoples faces as we get to the chorus and they  "get it". 

Q: Besides your own songs, you have also covered the popular worship song "Death was Arrested."  Why did you decide to choose to record this worship team song?

Roger:  One Sunday morning when we were at home, we attended our home church and the worship team sang "Death Was Arrested".  We all thought it was a  song with great lyrics and a catchy hook.  We thought our audience would love this song.  It doesn't matter if it is a contemporary song.  A worship song. or a southern gospel song.  If it is a great song, audiences will like it no matter who sings it.  I can't wait to begin singing this great message.  

Q:  What would you describe is your finest hour in the making of this album? and why?

Roger:  As an artist, you always want your voice to sound good,  the notes to be correct and the group to blend well.  As we age , it feels like it takes more effort .  I am proud of this project on those levels,  but I feel it is the most personal recording that we have done.  It is such a blessing to see Lauren writing songs that we are recording,  It makes us able to have songs that really speak what is in our heart and that is something that we have sometimes struggled to find.  I feel these so represent who we are and what we want to convey.

Q:  what would you say is one of your finest hours in your walk with the Lord? And why?

Roger:  My first thought is how blessed I am to be still doing what I love to do.  God has allowed us the honor and privilege of singing together as a family for over 22 years with Lauren.  For me to still be able to travel, sing, and minister with my family is my greatest blessing.   


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