Bryan & Katie Torwalt Share the Story Behind "Sound Mind"

Bryan & Katie Torwalt

Worship leaders Bryan & Katie Torwalt are releasing a studio version of their song "Sound Mind" available today. The song speaks about how God gives us a sound mind during the times when we are anxious with fear or sadness. 

"This song is a meaningful one. It came from a very special conversation & moment with our friends Jonathan & Melissa Helser. It's written from scripture 2 Timothy 1:7 ... `For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind.'

Though we might not be spared from sadness or grief in this life, the God of the universe is with us through it all. He's given us the GIFT of a Sound Mind as opposed to a spirit of fear. This song is a reminder of that simple truth.. a reminder of the promise we receive through Jesus!!Praying for a sound mind over you as you listen, whatever you may be facing in life ... may Jesus fill you with hope, relief, comfort and peace." 

In the chaos, You are the peace
In my suffering, You're here with me
In the darkness, You never leave
God of mercy, You're walking with me
I surrender anxiety
All the striving has to cease
In this moment, You're still King
This is the gift You are giving to me

A sound mind, for the spirit of fear
A sound mind, so that I can see clearly
A sound mind, Your Spirit is here
A sound mind, a sound mind

The original version of the song was released earlier this year on the couple's first-ever live-recorded album, I've Got Good News. The original version of the song has more than 840k streams and a special New Song Cafe video will also be debuting. They continue, "Let this simple song be a prayerful reminder of the clarity and peace we are given by God and promised in His word."

The Torwalt's released I've Got Good News following their No. 1 song on Air1 "Miracle In the Works." Their recent album also highlighted live video content for each song that was captured in Orange County. The album featured songs written by Chandler Moore, Cody Carnes, Brock Human, Chris Davenport, Naomi Raine and more. Since the album's release, it has amassed more than 20 million streams. The couple also toured this summer on a headline tour with special guest Benjamin William Hastings.  

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