Joel Vaughn Talks About His New Song "Love Has Come" and How He Celebrates Christmas

Joel Vaughn

Dream Label Group is set to release Dream Christmas Vol. 7 tomorrow. This year's release will feature 5 news songs by artists such as 29:11 Worship, Futures, All Creatures and Joel Vaughn. You can pre-save:

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Joel Vaughn has contributed a new song "Love Has Come" to the set. Since his official debut, Bigger Than Me, in 2008, Joel Vaughn has become one of Christian radio's most consistent performers. His hit singles include 2021's "Already Done," which reached #22 on Billboard's AC Indicator chart, #32 on Billboard's AC Monitored Chart, and #29 on Billboard's National Airplay Chart. 2019's "I Look To You," which reached #3 on Billboard's Christian Hot AC Recurrent chart, as well as "I Would Be Lost," "Wide Awake," "As You Are," "Pray It Up" and "More Than Good Enough."

His music has been streamed more than 25 million times and Vaughn has opened shows for The Afters, 7eventh Time Down, Stars Go Dim, Remedy Drive, Dan Bremnes and Brandon Heath, among others.  

Q: Joel, thanks for doing this interview with us. The year has gone by so fast, Christmas is coming. And you have a new Christmas song coming out. Tell us, what is "Love Has Come" about?

I wanted to write a song that shares the truth of why Christmas is so special for everyone. The gospel- Jesus came to earth in the form of a man and was basically born in a barn. He didn't arrive in a way anyone would have thought. He was humble from the beginning and to the day that he died, and was resurrected. Because of that Jesus made a way for us to be in right relationship with him. All we need to do is trust him and make him the Lord of our lives. That's it!

Q: Did you have a hand in writing in this song? If so, how did the song come about?

I wrote it myself in between tour dates. I sat down at my piano at home and thought about why Christmas is so special to me personally but also why it's so amazing for every person who's ever lived.

Q: Who produced the song? And what do you like about the sound of it?

I produced it. I wished I had more time to work on it, but deadlines call. Ha-ha.

Q: Speaking of Christmas, how is Christmas often celebrated in the Vaughn household?

We live in Nashville TN and have the last 6 years, but we go back home to Texas and celebrate with family there. At home we do what many people typically do. We celebrate Christmas at church on Christmas Eve, we talk about the Christmas story at home, we open presents on Christmas morning, and we enjoy each other's company.

Q: What does Christmas mean to you personally?

It means that there is hope for every person who is living and every person who has ever lived because Jesus came to earth so that He could give his life for us so that we can have eternal life If we would trust him and come to know him as our savior.

Q: With the new year coming soon, what are some of your hopes for 2023?

That I can spend more time with my family. I also hope that every chance I get to share the gospel through my music that people would put their faith and trust in God. That's pretty much it! I live a very blessed life. God has given us everything we need. 

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