Caedmon's Call's Re-Recorded Debut Album Is Finally Out Now!

Caedmon's Call

CCM veteran group Caedmon's Call celebrate their 25th anniversary by re-recording their debut self-titled album. The re-recorded album is finally released, you can stream or download by clicking HERE.

The band announces, "Caedmon's Call is finally here! For its 25th anniversary, we had the pleasure of revisiting, reimagining, and recreating our debut self-titled album song by song. We're so grateful to everyone who helped make it happen, including those who so generously supported our Kickstarter! We're looking forward to bringing it all to you LIVE at the Ryman, but today let's rock like it's 1997!!

"We have had so much fun revisiting these songs, and hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoy sharing them with you!" 

In 1996, Caedmon's Call signed with Warner Alliance Records. Less than a year later, they released their self-titled nation-wide debut. For three years the band played the "college scene" at colleges like Duke, the University of Georgia, Tulane, Texas A&M, Clemson, Baylor and Wheaton, among others. The Warner Alliance album, which features 12 songs, exudes an acoustic sound mixed with more original folk music. The band doesn't compromise their music, though, with most of the songs written by band members Derek Webb and Aaron Tate. They even ventured to cover Rich Mullins' "Hope to Carry On." Meanwhile, "Center Aisle" is poignant look at the reality of suicide and the unanswered questions it leaves behind. 


  1. "Lead of Love" (Aaron Tate) - 3:58
  2. "Close of Autumn" (Derek Webb) - 4:56
  3. "Not the Land" (Webb) - 5:05
  4. "This World" (Tate) - 3:59
  5. "Bus Driver" (Webb) - 4:57
  6. "Standing up for Nothing" (Webb) - 4:58
  7. "Hope to Carry On" (Rich Mullins) - 2:49
  8. "Stupid Kid" (Webb) - 4:03
  9. "I Just Don't Want Coffee" (Webb) - 6:00
  10. "Not Enough" (Tate) - 3:42
  11. "Center Aisle" (Webb) - 5:47
  12. "Coming Home" (Tate) - 4:21



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