Jeremy Riddle Writes a Powerful Devotional Based on His New Song "His Name is Jesus"

Jeremy Riddle

Worship leader, songwriter, and pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California, Jeremy Riddle drops his new single "His Name is Jesus" today.  A song that gives exopression to praising Jesus for what he has done for us. Riddle has also taken the time to reflect about what the song means in the powerful devotional below:

"I'm so glad I've come to know and serve a King like Jesus. A King whose very presence brings relief, healing, and deliverance to every broken area of my heart and body. One who came to destroy every work of the devil that was stealing, destroying, and killing my life. The One who is Himself life, and leads all who come to Him into life. Abundant life. One who sees all and knows all. A King who actually knows what it's like to be human. Who understands our weakness because He became one of us. He knew grief. He knew sorrow. He knew false accusation and deep rejection.

"When I look at the brokenness of my own life and the brokenness of the world around me, the thing that releases a "thrill of hope" within me is the power of Jesus to REDEEM... to take all that was wounded, broken, lost, hopeless, and diseased, and to RESTORE it back to its original beauty, vitality and purpose. I've watched Him do it in my life. In my marriage. In my relationship with my kids. In countless people, church communities, cities and even nations. It's the POWER of the blood that was shed for OUR REDEMPTION. Oh what a glorious power it has! It gives us beauty for our ashes. Joy for our mourning. Praise for our heaviness. It recommissions us to be reconcilers and rebuilders WITH Him in His glorious work of saving, redeeming, and restoring a lost and broken world.

"There is but ONE source of hope and life. He didn't just come to be Hope and Savior of the world at large, He came to be the Hope and Savior of YOUR world.


"Yet to all who did receive Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God..." 1 John 1:12 

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