Joy Holden On Coping with the Deaths of Her Loved Ones, New Music & the Greatest Story of Hope

Joy Holden

Multi-award nominated singer, songwriter and musician Joy Holden unveils a new music video "Carry it All" from a cut off her highly acclaimed 2021 double album Broken to Beautiful. This encouraging song, an original work by the South Carolina native, describes the raw emotion of life's most difficult trials through the eyes of Joy's own experiences.

This prolific singer / songwriter seems to be breaking through with a message of universal appeal and gaining popularity as evidenced by her recent nominations for five prestigious awards for her talent and contribution to the Christian music industry:

¨ 2022 Winner, The Diamond Awards, Sunrise Artist  (Emerging/Break-through) Artist) of the Year!

¨ 2022 Winner, The Diamond Awards, Sunrise Song of the Year - Right Here, Right Now!

¨ 2022 Nominee, The Diamond Awards, Christian Country Song of the Year - Right Here, Right Now!

¨ 2022 Top 10 Nominee!  Singing News Fan Awards, Favorite New Artist of the Year!

¨ 2022 Final Round Nominee, The Carolina Music Awards, CMA Best Female Christian/Gospel/Inspirational Artist of the Year!

Q: Joy, thank you for doing this interview with us. Your latest album "Broken to Beautiful" was made after a period of testing and trials. What happened there?

A: Definitely.  My niece passed away one week before the covid lockdown of 2020, I had previously lost my dad and a very close aunt.  So, it seemed like a calamity of things were happening.  And the world was changing right before our eyes due to a global lock down.  I suppose I had never thought that in my lifetime we would experience a modern-day pandemic.  But in those moments, I realized we all are broken from the time we are born, all due to sin.  However, through God's great love, mercy and amazing grace he sees us as beautiful, we are created in his image!  All he asks of us is faith! He wants us in heaven with him for eternity to share in the bounty of zero brokenness and full jubilation, joy, peace and beauty.  More than anything I felt the power and responsibility of his great love in making this record.  It is truly overwhelming.

Q: In the midst of your testings, how did you cope?

A: I wrote songs. While music is my true passion, there is a level of praise and mediation through music that takes me to a different level spiritually.  I go deep, very deep. I cry, I laugh, I sing, I pray, and I praise RINSE AND REPEAT. 

It's often been said that 'music is the voice of the soul,' for me that is true.  Another thing I did which was key - was reach out to others in need and hurting,  I like to help people.  There are so many lonely, sick, bruised, battered and broken to the core people out there that may seem normal in passing, but are in great need.  So, while I am not equipped to minister professionally, I am equipped to listen and pray and encourage through the love of Christ.  I try to let people know they are valued and loved.  If the greatest human to walk the face of this earth, Jesus Christ loved us that much to sacrifice his life for our repentance.  Surely, I can listen and lift up my brothers and sisters. 

Q: What advice do you have for many of our readers who may be going through a difficult season? 

A: Not to downplay burdens, but I try to remember someone always has it much worse than you, look at how 'It Is Well with My Soul' was inspired, the author lost his entire family in a shipwreck. Then wrote this amazing song of gratitude.  With that being said, I try very often to repent, pray, praise then persevere.  I will say helping others - helps you!  There are seasons in our lives we've just got to get by or through it.  The best way is to ask Jesus to walk with us. He does anyway.  But he loves to be asked to join his children.

Q: Talk to us about your new single "Carry It All." 

A: Great lead in as I was quoting a line from the song, above.  I felt so heavy - I was overwhelmed (losing my niece to stage 4 cancer, losing friends to Covid), I was scared for family and friends. My friend lost two children to drug addiction through poisonous overdoses. So, the first line of the song says, "when the world is falling down on me (recognition of our helplessness or lack of control); I kneel to the cross bow at his feet, cause I don't want to carry this load, there's too much pain for me to walk this road." (Recognition that only God can get us through our trials, whether through healing, mercy or simply walking in the pain with us).

Everyone that hears the song seems to love the chorus which says "I don't think I can carry this load, as a matter of fact I don't want to carry it at all, I'd like to run away, I'd even crawl, but I won't have too, He will carry it All.  Jesus will carry it all." Jesus is knocking down our giants every day, and the awesome news is, there are some battles and giants that we will never face because God has destroyed them in advance; and the ones we do know about, well he's the Lion leading our charge! We know the outcome - and he's already won the battle.  Hallelujah! 

Q: Do you have more new music that you will be releasing in the near future? 

A:  Yes, so happy you asked. Our next single after, "Carry It All" will be the title cut from the deluxe album, "Broken to Beautiful."  People have been patiently waiting for that single.  We've already seen the final edit for the music video for and it's pretty cool!  So we are certainly excited!  As for new music, YES! In 2023 we will start recording our new project that I believe will absolutely be electric and sanctified!  We have some new folks coming on board for that and I believe it will be such a blessing and encouragement!  So, I would ask your readers to please pray for us as we start with song selection and for God's words and work to be glorified through our ministry.

Q: I have read that you have a busy schedule performing at the Ark Encounter, NQC, Creekside, Biblical Times. What do you enjoy most about performing? 

Wow, yes, all that is exciting!  I love the connection with people.  Hearing their stories and testimonies.  We play at small - large churches as well, and even our last show in the dark of evening at Dollywood Theme Park, we had a family of minsters come join us for our last 2-3 songs, unbeknownst to us the music was being piped into other locations within the park so they could hear us before they saw us; and they ran to us.  Literally.  They skipped the pumpkin lights festivities for worship!  As they said, for an anointing of the holy spirit, their words, not mine.  We are touched by people that a song can resonate with or when someone asks Jesus to come into their heart as Lord and Savior or often rededicates their life to the Lord.  Encouragement and love is the simple key.

Q: How do you hope your performances and songs will continue to impact the lives of your listeners?

I hope I can continue to connect for God's glory and His incredible love to be magnified.  I also think it is urgent to go outside of the church walls.  We need to be willing to go where Jesus would go to minister to people. We are so excited and very humbled by these opportunities of growth and want to share the greatest story of HOPE on earth! 


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