FREE MUSIC: Matt Redman's "The Praise Is Yours"

Matt Redman

Worship music veteran Matt Redman's latest single "The Praise Is Yours," is available for FREE for a limited time. You can download the chord sheets and mp3 of the song for free here.  

"The Praise is Yours" is the second single from Redman's awaited 2023 live album. The new song carries Redman's signature highly congregational, selfless, and reverential worship. Recorded at the historic Mission San Juan Capistrano, CA, The song is steeped in Scripture and seeks to paint a big picture of God in the midst of a culture that pushes away from grandeur and reverence.

Redman writes, "Many of our worship songs are 'me and Jesus, here and now' kind of songs. Nothing at all wrong with that. Unless, maybe, that's all we ever sing. There's a call to take people into the wider story - and to worship not just the God of today, but the God of yesterday, today and forever. This song, `The Praise Is Yours,' written with @andirozier @travisryan and Josh Seller is one little attempt at that. We have been caught up in an epic drama of love and glory - and it's something worth singing about." 

The narrative of God's epic story runs through the song - His creation, the cross, and the life to come - and it is simultaneously saturated by His goodness and glory. Matt Redman's heart is to awaken the Church's heart towards God's majesty in worship, "We have a lot of 'me and Jesus, here and now' songs and there's nothing wrong with that - in fact, it's a beautiful thing - but not if that's all we ever sing," he explains. "Our songs need to remind us we don't just worship the God of here, now and today [...] but of yesterday, today and forever." 

"The Praise Is Yours" was written by Redman alongside Andi Rozier, Travis Ryan, and Joshua Seller. 


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