U.S. Presidential Candidate and Author Mike Ledbetter is Offering FREE Downloadable Copies of His Book

Mike Ledbetter

2024 U.S. presidential candidate and author Mike Ledbetter is offering FREE downloadable copies of his new book Nine Sovereign Kings: The Return of God to each and every American. Filled with inspirational pictures while exploring a wide variety of important issues facing the country, Nine Sovereign Kings is a divine mandate for a new age - a guidebook in an ongoing spiritual war for the very heart of the nation. 

Ledbetter writes, "The 'Beloved Creator' of our Declaration of Independence has 'inspired' me to write this book for all our 'People', all our 'Families' and 'Children!' That is why it is also 'Completely Free' to everyone in our 'Beloved Nation!' For our Creator asked me to let it be that way! And so you know it really is our Creator, our Trinity God, 'They' have 'Instructed' me to let all of you know that 'They' will 'Appear' even now to each person to confirm it! For that is our Creator's way to let us know it is Him, He loves us, and is here to help!"

Along with helpful illustrations, charts, and pictures, the text of the book is written in a specific manner to "make full use of the capitalization rule that states a word may be capitalized to emphasize it for some reason even if the English rules of capitalization say it is not to be" ... "the Book was not written to meet all the rules of capitalization of our English language but to stress and emphasize such words as Freedom, Truth, the People, the States, Democracy, and our Republican Federation in our Spiritual War, along with other words that are capitalized here for 'Importance' and 'Emphasis' ..."

The above having been shared, one must ask, "Is this really our Creator, our Trinity God, who has 'Inspired' the writing of this 'Book' for all the 'American People?'" If our Creator 'Appeared' to you, as the 'Author' said He would above, then we all know that answer! Yes, it is really the 'Creator of our Declaration of Independence' who helped us, as 'The Thirteen American Colonies,' against all odds, defeat the 'Most Powerful Kingdom and Army' on the 'Face of the Earth' at that time, the 'Kingdom of England!'

A 2024 Presidential Candidate, Author, and Veteran with a Doctorate of Jurisprudence, Mike Ledbetter is a native of Dallas/Ft. Worth and devoted scholar of many fields, including world religions, theology, history, philosophy, physics, sociology, and law (both ancient and modern, common and civil law).

Mike received his J.D. degree from the University of Houston Law Center, after having studied at Thurgood Marshall School of Law and Oklahoma City University School of Law. Mike specialized in Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, and the Supreme Court - with a particular interest in reforming the Supreme Court of the United States to help heal a troubled nation.

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