Matt Chandler Returns to the Pulpit After a Three-Month Leave Over Inappropriate Messages

Matt Chandler

Senior Pastor Matt Chandler returns to the pulpit at The Village Church in Flower Mound today. Earlier this year Chandler had to take a three months a leave of absence from his role as teaching pastor due to inappropriate social media messages with a woman who is not his wife. 

In an email sent to congregants this week, elders announced that Chandler will return to preaching as the church celebrates its 20th anniversary. They write: "We have previously shared that Matt has been diligently working through a development plan that we laid out for him, while on leave from the pulpit. We created this plan based on careful reading of the Scriptures, considerable time spent in prayer seeking the Lord's wisdom, and with the input from other leaders in the church.

"We asked a lot of Matt, including time spent in study and prayer, personal reflection, and multiple intensives with trusted outside experts. Matt has completed everything asked of him with submissiveness, steadfastness, and humility, and we have received positive feedback from all involved. We have been encouraged by his posture throughout, and we remain so. Therefore, we are pleased to share with you that his return to preaching is scheduled for this Sunday, December 4."

Today also marks an important anniversary in the life of Village Church. Twenty years ago, on December 2, 2002, the Chandler family began calling this church their home when Matt assumed the position of Lead Pastor. Matt and Lauren have loved and served TVC faithfully for two decades, giving of themselves and their family to lead this body of believers toward greater love and affection for Jesus Christ.

The elders continue, "It is good and right for us to honor them and celebrate them together as their church family, and we will do so this Sunday. Although we did not work toward this date as a target for Matt's return, we did not think it was appropriate to delay Matt's return to avoid it falling on the anniversary. We decided to stay true to the plan for Matt to return when the goals were met, and we embrace the beautiful coincidence of the timing. Even as Matt returns this Sunday and we celebrate the Chandlers' 20th anniversary, our main focus remains on the Advent season we are in. The return that matters most is the one we eagerly anticipate in Jesus Christ. We look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday."


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