I AM THEY Reflect After Their Final Concert Tonight


Christian pop band I AM THEY are disbanding at the end of the year. Tonight (December 8th) the band played their final show at Full Life Assembly of God in Franklin, TN. 

Theresa Chase reflects on their final show, "What a bitter sweet day with tonight being our final show. You could say I married into the band lol!

"They journeyed with @brandonchasemusic and I through both the greatest and worst days of our lives. They celebrated and grieved with us. I became stronger, and reimagined the abilities I was capable of. I found so much joy in being able to travel with not just my husband, but with friends that soon became family.

"I've been honored to have had the opportunity to be a small part of this ministry that birthed so many songs of healing, faith, love, and redemption. I've learned so much, and look forward to carrying that heart for people and songs into our next season as @chasecomusic ♥️ so thankful to always be a THEY!" 

Brandon Chase continues, "I don't know where I would be today if my path didn't intersect with @iamthey in July of 2019. God's timing is never early and it's never late. He brought me into this group at a pivotal moment in my life where the dominos could've started falling in a completely different direction. I was struggling to find my purpose and felt stuck in so many ways.

"Through the ministry of I Am They, God breathed new life into my dreams and reminded me of His call on my life. I will always look back on this season with gratitude for everything God has done and continues to do through the songs, stories, testimonies and relationships. It's bittersweet to see the end of something that has had such a huge impact on my life.

"But I'm grateful to have been along for the ride and I'm excited and expectant to see what the Lord does through @theresatchase and I in our new ministry @chasecomusic. We would love for you to be a part of our new journey."

I AM THEY started off singing during a praise and worship night in 2008 and before they knew it, the band shares they felt called into full-time ministry through singing and songwriting. The team concludes, "We love you dearly and again are so incredibly thankful for your prayers, kindness, support, love, and grace as we step into what God has next!"







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