Erica Lane Opens Up About "The Friendly Beasts," Christmas & More

Erica Lane

Former Miss Houston and Top 10 U.S. Miss World Erica Lane releases her new Christmas single, "The Friendly Beasts." Lane's arrangement of the old English tune is a nod to the animals that may have been present at the time of Christ's birth. More importantly, the song illustrates the importance of the Lord's coming as a blessing to the lives of all creatures on earth.  

The single is quickly climbing the charts. For the week ending November 25th, "The Friendly Beasts" landed at #8 on New Music Weekly's Indie Music Single Chart, and #61 on the Hot 100, ahead of new single from Shania Twain, Black Eyed Peas, Charlie D'Amelio and more. The single also debuted at #42 on BILLBOARD's Monitored AC (Adult Contemporary) Chart, and at #55 on The Mediabase Monitored AC Chart. 

Q: Erica, thanks for doing this interview with us. With Christmas around the corner, it's such a treat to listen to a couple of your new festive songs. For some of our readers who may not be familiar with "The Friendly Beasts," share with us... what is the song about?

Thank you for asking! "The Friendly Beasts" is a song about the perspective of the animals that may have been present at the time of Jesus' birth. My arrangement of the traditional English tune paints a heartwarming picture of God's earthly creatures, each as a sort of guardian or helper for the Christ child, which illustrates to me the importance of God's love and purpose for "the least of these".

Q: Why did you choose to record "The Friendly Beasts"? What does this song mean to you?

I first heard "The Friendly Beasts" on a Garth Brooks Christmas album decades ago. It was such a pleasant and inviting tune, and I loved the simplicity of the message and the sweet nature depicted of the animals. This song captures the idea that all the animals were giving gifts to the Christ child in their own capable ways, yet at the end of the song you realize it is all about God's gift to us through His Son.

Q: You have also released a stunning new version of "Auld Lang Syne." How did you approach this song to make it sound so amazing?

Thank you for the kind words! When I went in to record "Auld Lang Syne" with the musicians at Blue Rock studio in Wimberley, I started from scratch on the spot. I wanted to be present and decide right then and there what the feel of the song would bring, when usually I plan out songs more particularly in advance. We took it in a direction that was intimate and ultimately celebratory, including the unexpected jig that you hear at the end. Ultimately, this arrangement of "Auld Lang Syne" is meant to pull you back into memories of unique moments shared with people you've done life with.

Q: Speaking of Christmas, what does the season mean to you?

The Christmas season means joy to me. It means knowing that God loves us unconditionally and infinitely, because He gave us the ultimate Savior. Christmas means coming together as the body of Christ and loving on our families and friends and giving our time to those in need.

Q: How do you normally spend Christmas?

My Christmas seasons tend to be packed with singing engagements, times of worship, and family gatherings!

Q: With 2023 coming up, what are some of your plans in terms of new music?

Next holiday season (2023) I plan to release my entire Christmas album! 

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