Ted Keith Drops 6th Single "Center of My Worship"

Ted Keith

New artist Ted Keith will be releasing his 6th single "Center Of My Worship" on New Year's Day. This powerful worship ballad is being released as a choral arrangement but can also be a congregational worship chorus.

Keith writes, "As a songwriter and more specifically a worshipper, this song is my heartbeat. More than any other purpose or job we may fulfill, to be a worshipper is our ultimate calling. The song opens with a choral tag line You are the reason that I sing and that really says it all. Jesus is my reason for singing, and He alone is the center of my worship.

"I believe it will become very obvious to my listeners that Ted Keith Music has a very specific focus. My purpose has been and always will be to create Jesus-Centered music. In the music industry there are a ton of artists that are building their own kingdoms and creating huge followings of worshippers that are focused solely on the artist. My ultimate goal is to create music and write songs that point worshippers directly to Jesus.

"I'm excited to be releasing 'Center Of My Worship' on New Year's Day. The chord charts and resources to all of my recent releases are available at Stay tuned for more info on more new music coming in the next few weeks."

Keith was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. He attended Indiana Bible College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (Major in Theology/Minor in Worship Studies). He began directing a youth choir at his home church at the age of 17 and has been involved in music ministry for over 20 years. Keith, his wife Carina, and son Jackson now live in West Tennessee and attend The River UPC in Parsons, Pastor Ron Wofford.

Keith is passionate about worship music. He loves leading worship, teaching vocals and directing choirs. He has written a number of songs over the last 15 years and is excited to be working with Vanquish Studio to get his songs produced. Keith is launching his ministry, Ted Keith Music, with plans to continue producing new music in the coming years. He looks forward to striving for continual growth as a singer/songwriter and can't wait share his music with churches, teams and choirs across our fellowship.

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