Samuel Rodriguez Hits Amazon #1 Prior to Release of "Your Mess, God’s Miracle"

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, reached the #1 bestseller position on Amazon's "Christian Faith" list with "Your Mess, God's Miracle: The Process Is Temporary, the Promise Is Permanent" (Chosen Books), releasing Tuesday, April 4.

In "Your Mess, God's Miracle," bestselling author and pastor Samuel Rodriguez reminds readers that our God is still God even in the midst of our mess.


Pastor Sam joins TBN to share insights from "Your Mess, God's Miracle"

Inspired by the story of the blind man in John 9, this book reveals that sometimes Jesus makes a mess first, and out of that mess, emerges a miracle. Full of biblical inspiration, scientific findings and true stories, Pastor Sam presents a practical, hope-infused roadmap for anyone with the audacity to replace fear with faith and walk through their mess and into God's miracle.

"We live in a world that can best be described as a collective mess: messes in our families, careers, communities and culture," said Rodriguez. "We find ourselves fighting through the chaos just to survive. We need to be reminded that God's process is temporary, but his promise is permanent. And we must never confuse the process for the promise. God works messy miracles every day."

Each chapter of "Your Mess, God's Miracle" helps readers:

  • Regain hope for any situation in life, no matter how complex.
  • Be inspired by how Jesus found hope during his ministry on earth.
  • Receive a supernatural infusion of the power and presence of God.
  • Become equipped with spiritual resources to see the new thing God is offering you.IMG_7707.png

What others are saying about "Your Mess, God's Miracle":

"A must-read for every believer for the hour we are in."
- Jentezen Franklin, senior pastor, Free Chapel; "New York Times" bestselling author

"You will never see your situation the same again. I was blessed by this book."
- Dr. William M. Wilson, president, Oral Roberts University

"Spiritual vision is essential. Samuel Rodriguez opens our eyes to the reality of seeing the unseen and what matters most. I love this book!"
- Dr. Jack Graham, senior pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church

"A reminder that no matter where you are in your journey, you can expect a miracle."
- Kevin Sorbo, actor, director, author

"If you find yourself struggling in life and having trouble with believing God for a way out of your crisis, this book, 'Your Mess, God's Miracle,' will give you the tools to get out of the pit and on your way to victory!"
- Cindy Jacobs, cofounder and president, Generals International

"This book is theology on fire."
- Jesse Bradley, senior pastor, Grace Community Church

"Will encourage and empower you. I thoroughly recommend this book."
- Russell Evans, senior pastor, Planetshakers Church

"Your Mess, God's Miracle" (Chosen Books) by Samuel Rodriguez is available for pre-order here and will be available in English and Spanish wherever books are sold beginning Tuesday, April 4.



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