Bethel Music's Kalley Returns with New Song Three Years After Daughter's Death


Bethel Music's Kalley returns with her new single "Better Than The Rest (feat. David Funk)" today. The song is currently available on all digital platorms. "Better Than The Rest" is a song that celebrates the goodness of Jesus.

Kalley announces, "This is a song for the church, one I believe in and have dug paths through, pacing over time and time again with a conviction that spans the grave to the heavens. I hope you feel the authenticity, the adoration, the desperation and most of all I hope you feel eternity in it. And I hope you sing it too. I'm going to start where I'll end - in life and death, Jesus above everything.So much better than the rest."

The song came from a place of healing. In December of 2019, Kalley's two year-old daughter, Olive Alayne Heiligenthal, passed away unexpectedly. Kalley recounts, "After Olive died I gave up writing, said I wouldn't sing again. I slowly did, but differently - to grieve and heal. To process, to mourn through melodies, creating to find comfort.

"After about 1.5 years I slowly began writing corporate worship again. I had no idea where to start. What do you say as the first echoing words from the deep cave? What's the first sounds I want to emerge after cracking the heavy door open?
What song can I shout from the valley of death's shadow and know will reach all the way up to the peaks?

"I decided I would sing what got me through, what I confidently stand on today, tomorrow and way past my lifetime. To sing all I have left, the only constant through the dark places and on into the light." 

Kalley Heiligenthal has been a worship leader and songwriter at Bethel Church and with Bethel Music since 2014. She also serves as 2nd Year Worship Pastor for Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Originally from Minnesota, Kalley grew up heavily involved in choir and began leading worship in college through a student-led worship ministry. 

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