Elizabeth Rajcok Releases Her Debut Single "Polished"

Elizabeth Rajcok

New Jersey's worship leader and singer-songwriter Elizabeth Rajcok (ray-chock) has just released her debut single "Polished." Produced by Ben Shive, the song includes instrumentation by Dan Needham (drums), Dave Cleveland (electric guitar) Danny O'Lannerghty (bass) and Ben Shive (piano).  

Written in response to her struggles with perfectionism, the song hints at the beginning of her healing journey.

Rajcok reveals, "It starts with admitting my imperfections and owning up to my failures, however unpolished they may be. Then, I must allow Christ's hands to pick up the pieces, wipe away the stains, put me together, and paint me new. Instead of pretending to be perfect, I can stand clothed in His righteousness - bearing His image, just as intended."

Classically trained on the piano, Elizabeth Rajcok's original music is often anything but classical. CCM and CHH influences have shaped her sound, and vocal stacks, vocoders, pads, drum loops, and synths permeate many of her originals. Paired with intentional, vulnerable, and challenging lyrics, it is Elizabeth's prayer that listeners who find her songs relatable will find hope knowing that they are seen and loved by their Creator.

When she's not writing, producing, mixing, or studying, you'll find her in "God's Square Mile" on the Jersey Shore performing, leading worship, and musically directing youth theatrical performances. 


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