New Film "Miracle in East Texas" Tells the Story of How Sinners Can Become Saints

Miracle in East Texas

Miracle in East Texas, the award-winning family comedy, starring Kevin Sorbo, John Ratzenberger, Louis Gossett Jr., Tyler Mane, and Sam Sorbo and will premiere exclusively in select theaters on October 29 & 30th through Fathom Events.  The trailer and ticket information are available at  

Miracle in East Texas is inspired by a true story and centers around two con-men during the Great Depression who convince lonely widows to invest in their worthless oil wells. When their scheme is exposed, the unthinkable happens! The movie was filmed in and around the natural beauty of Alberta and Calgary Canada.

Kevin Sorbo, who reached international stardom as the lead in "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys," directed the film and co-produced the film with his wife, Sam Sorbo.

"This is one of those rare films that combines comedy, drama, a little romance, and real-life events and we have been thrilled with the film festival awards we have already received," says Kevin Sorbo. "As independent filmmakers we understand and continue to create trusted entertainment for the entire family. This is a message to the big studios on what families really want."

In 1931, a pair of con artists, Doc Boyd and Dad Everett (Sorbo, Ratzenberger), blow into the small Texas town during the Great Depression targeting the savings of lonely widows with an oil scam. The vulnerable widows quickly fall prey to their romantic gestures and promises of profits.  Then, miraculously, the unthinkable happens and they literally strike oil.

That's just the first of many miracles that start popping forth from the dead soil of East Texas.

Will these miracles make honest men out of these swindlers and change their larcenous conniving ways?  This tall tale inspired by a true story comes from a time when bums became billionaires and sinners became saints.   



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