The Dodds Hope their New EP will Shed Light on What It Means to Follow Jesus

The Dodds

Since 2005, The Dodds, which is made up of husband/wife singer/songwriters Tyler and Bailey Dodds, have built a reputation for shepherding and leading people to the feet of Jesus through their original songs of worship, prayer, celebration, tradition, and lament. The couple have just released The Light Sessions. Produced by Tyler Dodds, the six-song set is hallmarked by ambient, ethereal soundscapes and showcases three worshipful originals penned by The Dodds, as well as an artful reimagination of the sacred favorite "In The Garden," and an evocative cover of Jill Phillips' 1999 classic "I Am."

Q: Thank you so much for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourselves. Could you tell us a little about your current ministry?

Tyler: Thanks so much for having us! We feel called and desire to encourage the Church through shepherding in worship, creating music, and curating spaces for global servants to rest. In the last several years, we have primarily focused on being an encouragement to global servants in various countries, as well as hosting retreat times at a respite house we run.

Q: How did God call you into the music ministry?

Bailey: We were both called at an early age and spent our high school years in local youth group worship bands, but in different states. We met in 2002 and Tyler was already traveling and playing electric guitar in a few worship bands. We knew after we married in 2005 that God was going to bring a convergence. Soon after we were married, Tyler had become a full-time artist and worship pastor. Through the years, God began to weave our life and giftings together as we began worshiping and writing more together. We released our first project in 2013 and have continued to be drawn together in this way ever since. 

Q: I was listening to your songs, and I love them. How would you describe your style of music?

Tyler: Thank you so much! We have always desired to create music that is emotionally moving. Sometimes that comes out in a more intense way like our song "This Love" or other times in a close and intimate way like "I Am." For The Light Sessions, we wanted it to sound more ethereal, light and moving, with sweeping strings and ambient effects. 

Q: Why did you entitle your new EP "The Light Sessions"? 

Tyler: The word light was very intentional and has a twofold meaning. First light means illumination-we are called to be light bringers, light shiners; Jesus calls us the light of the world. We are to be the light in dark places. Light also means weight. Jesus puts a burden of lightness on us. Walking with Jesus should feel the opposite of heavy, even in times that are troubling or difficult. These songs are significant to us because the collection feels like the beginning of a new season-a season that we've recognized as one of freedom and light burden, shining a light on exactly who God made us, The Dodds, to be for such a time as this. 

Q: Why did you record Jill Philips' "I Am"?

Bailey: In February 2022, our family was in eastern Europe serving and leading worship. While there, Russia brutally invaded Ukraine and the horrible war began. Many of our closest, kindred friends were personally affected, and we were shocked and humbled that God, in His kindness, took us over the ocean to be close to them for such a time as this. "I Am" was the first song that came to my heart during those weeks in Europe with friends and refugees. I hadn't thought of the song in ages, though it was very meaningful to me when it first came out. It was like the song had been rooted in the soil of my heart and then bloomed fresh over those weeks serving friends and refugees. I sang it over and over to myself as a source of comfort, but also as a prayer.

Resting in God is a strong defense in the darkest of battles. "I Am" became the song that wouldn't leave me. It became my war cry over sickness and death. Jesus is constant, Holy and other, yet kind. Truest friend and King forever. When we returned to the west Texas desert from Europe, I shared with Tyler that I felt we MUST include a remake of this song with our next project. As the best partners do, he heard me, and then made something so beautiful.

Q: What were some of the highlights in the making of this record?

Tyler: Our favorite part of making this project was working with our best friends Joe Aylor (Bare Heights), who played piano, and Jenn McGuire, who played bass and synth bass. They are both phenomenal musicians and travel with us whenever they can. Since we all have families and busy schedules, our late-night studio sessions over the last year have been so encouraging and life-giving. Joe and Jenn are such a gift-all our families are very close friends. God has given us an amazing community. 

Q: How do you hope these new songs will impact your listeners?

Tyler: Our prayer with The Light Sessions is that God would use it to remind us that He is all about relationship with us. His burden is light, and He wants to engage in this journey together. He is not just watching over us-He has connected Himself to us, and His yoke is easy and one that brings rest. Our world is frantic and hurried, so we also pray that when people listen, they feel a sense of rest and peace and God's tender presence. God is never frantic, and He is never in a hurry. 

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