FAITHFUL Longs for God's Justice with "How Long"


FAITHFUL's new single, "How Long," is based on Psalm 94, a scriptural passage that may seem dark and vengeful at first, but from which writers Leslie Jordan, Ann Voskamp, and Trillia Newbell brought forth honest worship. Leaning into the frustration and confusion expressed in this Psalm, FAITHFUL created a protest song, telling of our longing for God's justice.

In our unsettled world, "How Long" gives language to the common wondering about God's presence and doubts about his intervention. With raw honesty that mirrors that of the Psalmist, FAITHFUL gives listeners a song when they are in desperate need of one. 

Coming to life in the winter of 2019, a group of well-known and respected authors, artists, and songwriters gathered as a community to write and share songs. Their work came to be known as FAITHFUL: songs and stories of God's kindness to women throughout history and here with us today.

Their debut album, FAITHFUL: Go and Speak, (2021) featured Amy Grant, Ellie Holcomb, Ann Voskamp, Sarah Macintosh, Sandra McCracken, Ginny Owens, Leslie Jordan, Christy Nockels, Rachael Lampa, Kelly Minter, Savannah Locke, Sarah Kroger, Christa Wells, Tamar Chipp, Jess Ray, Janice Gaines, Trilla Newbell, and Taylor Leonhardt.

In addition, the collective released a book boasting an eclectic collection of written stories, lyrics, photos, and art as well as the FAITHFUL podcast which launched on all platforms. FAITHFUL is an inspiration to all believers who know that their experiences and voices are of immense value to the God who created and carries us all.

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